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How to Earn More Money: Why Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Matter

August 03, 2017

John was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1924, the middle child in a house of 10 kids. After the eighth grade, John dropped out of school to help his father with their small farm and do side jobs to support the family. Later, after serving in World War II,... Continue Reading →

Personal Loans: Options, What to Look For, and What to Avoid

July 06, 2017

While not the first option to turn to, personal loans have become readily available and may be the right option for some consumers. More than one dozen non-bank companies currently offer personal loans in the U.S., competing directly with traditional banks and credit unions. These personal loan companies and bank... Continue Reading →

The One Thing You Must Do to Build Wealth

July 27, 2016

When you research the most common thing that millionaires do to build wealth there are a few things that come up time and time again. First, almost all of them grew their wealth by investing in real estate or businesses that they own and control. Second, they become experts at... Continue Reading →

Is poor financial literacy the cause of our failing middle class?

March 10, 2016

Most Americans are struggling financially. Over 75 percent live paycheck to paycheck without an adequate emergency fund to see them through a job loss or a medical problem. 27 percent have no savings at all. Many people blame these struggles on the economy. While it's true that wages in many... Continue Reading →

Why are Employees Saying No to Free Money?

February 29, 2016

Did the above title get your attention? If not, then you should take note anyway because you are likely losing out on free money that your employer is offering. This free money does not go to just one top employee or to those that have been with the company the longest.... Continue Reading →