The Art of Investing in Distressed Mortgages - part art, part science, part intuition. Sherman Arnowitz has managed to take this fairly complex subject and turn it into a step by step guide for investors interested in learning about this largely unknown investment opportunity. The book provides specific details about what it takes to start investing in non-performing mortgages; what kinds of loans to buy; and how to best manage those loans. Sherman's able to take his 15+ years' experience and map out from start to finish what it takes to be a successful junior lien note investor. No tenants, no toilets, lower capital required, in short Note investing is the unique real estate investment niche.

About the Author

Sherman Arnowitz is the president and founder of Keyhole Financial Services, LLC (www.keyholefinancial.com). Founded in 1999, Sherman created the company to buy, service and sell distressed second mortgage notes. He explains, "Back then, buying and selling distressed notes was the best-kept secret! There were only a small handful of investors with tons of notes to buy." As a pioneer of the second mortgage market, Sherman's wealth of knowledge and expertise, excellent reputation, along with his vast Rolodex of contacts, has made him one of the leaders in the industry. Sherman shares his experience and expertise by regularly contributing articles, as well as speaking at seminars nationwide. He's also available on a consulting basis. Observing more and more people clamoring to get involved in the distressed note business, Sherman found there to be a strong demand for a comprehensive, fairly priced, on-line education program. And so, in 2013, Sherman and his team created, Keyhole Academy (www.keyholeacademy), designed to educate students interested in the distressed mortgage market. With Keyhole Academy's curriculum, students get to learn at their own pace. Each course is designed to give students their choice of learning by either reading chapters, watching videos and/or listening to audio. Quizzes and a final exam is also part of the program. Sherman states, "We take educating our students very seriously and want to make sure they're properly prepared. Whether they intend to buy a few loans or thousands, our goal is to ensure after taking one of our courses, they're 100% ready to successfully enter into the mortgage investing arena".

Product Details
Author:  Sherman Arnowitz
ISBN:  1518625347
Publisher:  Createspace
Publish Date:  October 14, 2015
Pages:  74 pages
Dimensions:  0.15" H x 9.02" L x 5.98" W (0.24 lbs) 

The Art of Investing in Distressed Mortgages: It's Not Rocket Science!

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