Use Warren Buffett's retirement income strategy Create an investment plan for 30 years Create tax-FREE income from your IRA Before you stop working full time, create your Retirement Income Insurance plan. Insure that you will have enough to afford to live the way you want to for the rest of your life. Maximize your family Social Security benefits. Develop tax-FREE income so you can avoid future income tax hikes. Execute low-cost income sources. Use the strategy Warren Buffett specified for his family. Today you can make sure you are protected by creating retirement income 'insurance.' You need to enter the last 30 years of your life knowing how you are going to manage it financially. You need a realistic and flexible plan. Two-thirds of pre-retirees don't have a clue. We are on our own. Financial advisors want wealthy clients only. Defined-benefit pensions are gone. You are lucky if your employer matched some of your contributions to a self-directed retirement plan (401k, etc.). Now you alone must decide how much and where to invest your funds for your future security. Broker/advisor fees can take up to 30% of your nest egg for their help.

About the Author

Zhou Wang has been in financial services for over 20 years. He was a managing executive of the sales units of a number of firms. His previous book, The Warren Buffett Millionaire: "We make more money when snoring" has been cited many times. He is one of the Insiders who contributed to the The Insiders Guides set of buyers' guides edited by Dan Keppel. The Guides provide specific ways to save on all financial services. 

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Author:  Zhou Wang, MBA
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Publisher:  Createspace
Publish Date:  May 08, 2015
Pages:  208 pages
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Don't Leave Work Without It: Retirement Income Insurance

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