In her 40's, Sandy Morris had a personal epiphany. She decided that her true purpose in life was to give certainty and security to others. The result of that decision has caused Sandy to become one of the nation's top independent financial advisors, with a passion for helping those nearing or in retirement to be able to maximize their Social Security benefits. Two stories illustrate all the reader needs to know about Sandy, her expertise, her passion and her commitment. The first tells of a man who came to see Sandy in her Tampa, Fl offices. He opened the door to the boardroom, saying, "Don't bother to get up. I have been wanting to stop by and say thank you. If it had not been for your help last year, I would have lost my home." The second example involves a husband and wife. "A couple came in for their annual account review," recalls Sandy. "They had returned from an RV trip out west. They told me how much they appreciated the financial planning sessions that allowed them to reshape their retirement path. "Words cannot express how much joy I receive from hearing stories like that from people we have helped through proper retirement planning. "This is the juice that keeps me going," Sandy concluded.

About the Author

Married with a child, the Kentucky-born Sandy Morris is the founder and CEO of Sandy Morris Financial.

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Author:  Sandy Morris
ISBN:  1515389324
Publisher:  Createspace
Publish Date:  August 24, 2015
Pages:  140 pages
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The Most Important Decisions You Will Make Over 50: A Roadmap to a Joyful Retirement Through Social Security Maximization

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