The Great Depression was undoubtedly the most traumatic economic event to date in American history. The stock market crash etched the year 1929 into the public's mind as the beginning of the historic depression, yet few people today are aware of the much larger financial convulsions that shook the world two years later. It wasn't until after these events - repudiation of monetary commitments by governments around the world, a crash in currency values, the worst month in U.S. stock market history to date, a collapse of bond markets, and a run on U.S. gold reserves - that the Depression truly became "Great." Have Ben Bernanke and the federal government "saved us from another Great Depression," or are they repeating the mistakes of the past? Read the history of the 1931 financial crisis in this book and decide for yourself.

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Eric H. Allen received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1998. His doctoral thesis work involved the study of independent generator decision-making in electricity markets. Eric is currently employed in the analysis of electric power systems (which, like the economy, are large, complex dynamic systems).

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Author:  Eric H. Allen
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Publish Date:  August 19, 2010
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1931: The Year of the Great Worldwide Financial Crash

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