At the age of eighteen David Ash attended a seminar that would change the direction of his troubled young life forever. His heart and mind were filled with hopes and dreams of a life he could never have imagined before. That day he set his first major goal: he would become a millionaire by the age of thirty. As David tenaciously pursues his goal he is forced to confront his father's sudden death, his own personal bankruptcy and drug addiction, and his mother's mental illness, which leads to her homelessness and death as a street person. The story of David's fight for survival and success is riveting and deeply moving, and his spiritual journey will inspire anyone trying to make sense of a world that makes no sense at all.

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Author:  David Ash
ISBN:  1460274482   
Publisher:  Friesen Press
Publish Date:  November 09, 2015
Pages:  144 pages
Dimensions:  0.5" H x 8.5" L x 5.5" W (0.71 lbs) 

Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem!: The Extraordinary True Story of an Entrepreneur's Fight for Survival, Success, and Redemption

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