In two days...tomorrow will be yesterday So today...start to build wealth, protect your retirement savings and plan to strategically and responsibly spend it or gift it all away before you die. By reading this book you will learn: -Why you should want to be "wealthy" - not "rich" -The keys to building wealth: passive income and "other people's time" -Which financial products and investment strategies are most reliable -Why your retirement savings are at risk of being redistributed -Why you should spend or gift away your wealth before you die The best revenge in old age is having a life well lived Don't depend on your IRA, 401(k) and Roth plans being there for you: -Nationalization of foreign retirement plans is happening now -The U.S. federal government has plans for a nationalized retirement scheme -Your retirement dollars will bail out underfunded union and municipal retirement programs Instead, build wealth using these tools: -Assets vs. liabilities - invest in real assets -Economic cycles - use them to your advantage -Demographics - the looking glass into your destiny And plan to enjoy every dollar you have ever saved: -Set your lifestyle priorities -Protect your retirement savings -Die broke by strategically spending your wealth without being destitute or wasting your money on insurance products This book will help you climb the "net worth mountain" and enjoy the view from the top, and it will be your guide as you descend, strategically spending and gifting away every single dollar you have earned and saved...spending it all! Your grave stone will have two dates separated by a hyphen. You have no control over the dates, but you do have control over the hyphen...that is your life. Let this book show you how to make that a great hyphen

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Author:  Arthur Stanley Riggs
ISBN:  099152151X   
Publisher:  Monetary Publishing LLC
Publish Date:  November 01, 2014
Pages:  212 pages
Dimensions:   0.48" H x 9.0" L x 6.0" W (0.7 lbs) 

Build Wealth & Spend It All: Live the Life You Earned

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