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The importance of money in our lives is readily apparent to everyone--rich, poor, and in between. However grudgingly, most of us accept the expression "Money makes the world go round" as a universal truth. We are all aware of the power of money--how it influences our moods, compels us to take risks, and serves as the yardstick of success in societies around the world. Yet because we take the daily reality of money so completely for granted, we seldom question how and why it has come to play such a central role in our lives.
In "Coined: The Rich Life of Money And How Its History Has Shaped Us," author Kabir Sehgal casts aside our workaday assumptions about money and takes the reader on a global quest to uncover a deeper understanding of the relationship between money and humankind. More than a mere history of its subject, Coined probes the conceptual origins and evolution of money by examining it through the multiple lenses of disciplines as varied as biology, psychology, anthropology, and theology. Coined is not only a profoundly informative discussion of the concept of money, but it is also an endlessly fascinating and entertaining take on the nature of humanity and the inner workings of the mind.

Editorial Reviews
  • PRAISE FOR Walk in My Shoes. Wisdom can be found in many places. In Walk in My Shoes, a young man turns to his mentor Uncle Andy for guidance on faith, spirituality and love. Not only is this an innovative memoir, these pages are filled with irreverent honesty and timeless wisdom.--Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  • Andrew Young and Kabir Sehgal open up their hearts with pitch-perfect sincerity. This is a fiercely inspiring cross-generational memoir filled with folk wisdom, human frailty, and sweet victory amongst the fangs of defeatism. Consider this book a joy.--Douglas Brinkley
  • Andrew Young and Kabir Sehgal have woven together years of their candid and unvarnished conversations to create a wonderful combination of biography, memoir, and guide to life. This is an enlightening book that shows how great wisdom is passed down to new generations.--Walter Isaacson, president of The Aspen Institute, author of Steve Jobs
  • This is a great gift to America's children - now and in the future.--Tom Brokaw
  • Andrew Young and Kabir Sehgal have produced a valuable book, one that offers timeless lessons of faith, love and leadership. The book illuminates the civil rights revolution of the 1960s and calls upon its readers-each in our own way -to carry on the work of building a more perfect America with courage and vision and humility.--Senator Joe Lieberman
  • A fascinating glimpse into the life of one of America's most important activists....Lively and passionate.--Birmingham News
  • Andrew Young found himself at the intersection of history when the civil rights movement changed America's future by redeeming its past. Forty years later, a new generation, represented by Kabir Sehgal, sees another meeting with history approaching. What could be more valuable than learning from a man who has experienced what it means to forge inspiration in the crucible of conflict?Deepak Chopra
  • I hope that every emerging leader picks up this book as a reference for what it takes to change the world.--Jamie Foxx
About the Author

Kabir Sehgal is a vice president in emerging market equities at J.P. Morgan in New York. He serves as an officer in the United States Navy Reserve, served as a speechwriter on a presidential campaign, and is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is the "New York Times" bestselling author of books including "Walk in My Shoes" (with Andrew Young) and "Jazzocracy." A Grammy-winning producer who has performed with Grammy-winning musicians as a jazz bassist, he co-founded an arts organization which merged with the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance. Sehgal is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the London School of Economics.


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Author:  Kabir Sehgal
ISBN:  1455578525   
Publisher:  Grand Central Publishing
Publish Date:  March 10, 2015
Pages:  336 pages
Dimensions:  1.3" H x 9.1" L x 6.1" W (1.1 lbs) 

Coined: The Rich Life of Money and How Its History Has Shaped Us

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