Higher Education in the United States is "Big Business," just as it has become essential to possess a college degree for development of a successful career. In order to succeed along the path through academia you have to know seldom taught lessons, or you will become another victim in an extremely competitive environment.

College Without Student Loans will teach you the strategies that every student can follow, but are not commonly taught in our high schools.

Colleges would rather you not know this simple 4-Step methodology which is SAFE, regardless of income. It is proven to "Save Time" and "Save Money" for those seeking a collegiate degree at their ideal institution.

"College Without Student Loans" is the springboard to beginning a successful professional career while being free of the debt burden that encumbers over 80% of those currently graduating. You do not have to be another statistic for Federal government loan program or be saddled with long-term monthly payments to Uncle Sam.

Attend the institution that fits you the best, while securing meaningful employment, with your undergraduate degree in hand. These are just a few of the reasons why you need to read this book and uncover the secrets to winning the "Game of College." When you follow the SAFE steps your results will be dramatic and predictable, positioning you for a productive, meaningful and happier life.

Editorial Reviews
  • We were very pleased with everything Dave helped us accomplish for our Daughter. She started out not knowing what direction she wanted to pursue. . .and with the use of the MCP Program and the CAP Program, she found her passion, and direction, and is attending a college that we thought we never would be able to afford. Dave was brilliant with the strategies he suggested to increase our Financial Aid. All told. . .we saved waaaaay beyond the $50,000 they guarantee. We are honored to give our recommendation. ---Mandy and Dale W. 
  • I had met with 2 other so-called "college Planning" companies. . .in fact; one of those companies was referred to us from the High School my son attended. We retained the services of one of the companies. . .but never got any benefit from their services or from the financial end of things. I attended the "Free Workshop," met with Dave for our "Free Private Consultation," and after listening to him present the services that College Funding Connection offered, and the results they were getting, I decided to give them a shot. I figured I had nothing to lose. . .after all they offered a "Written Guarantee." What began sounding like something "too good to be true" ended up being one of the most remarkable decisions I've ever made in my life. Not only did they deliver on what they promised. . .they over-delivered, and hit a grand-slam home run with my younger son. In fact. . .the strategies they implemented even lowered the cost of college for my older son---who was already attending a 4-year college up north. I'd do it all over again. . .but I would have used College Funding Connection the first time around. ---Theresa and Stephen J 
  • I can only tell you---I am absolutely amazed at what Dave was able to accomplish with our son, and our situation! Now. . .I will admit, I am very proud of what my son was also able to accomplish. . .but we would have never known about the colleges, and which were the best "Fit" for our son, nor would we have ever gotten the Financial Aid we are now getting. Dave doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to direction and what needs to take place. Everything they do is outlined, planned, and implemented ahead of schedule. My best advice to any parent would be to simply let go, and let these guys do their magic. You won't be disappointed! This is a service that has been needed by parents for quite some time, and there is no one better in the country than Dave. . .and College Funding Connection!  ---Brent and Melissa M 
  • It is truly an honor to be included in the Testimonials pages of College Funding Connection website. Honestly. . .I don't know where to begin. From the start---everything and I mean everything was discussed. Dave asked some really tough questions to our son. These were the types of questions that most definitely need to be addressed before your child ever leaves the house. We had fun through the entire process yet Dave was very serious about how to get things done. That probably sums everything up. College Funding Connection knows what they are doing, and they do it better than anyone else I have found. We felt totally comfortable throughout the process, both my wife and I slept a lot better once we decided to go forward with College Funding Connection. They did an amazing job! ---Christopher Michael W 
  • Well our story is a bit different---we have twins and needless to say, both my husband and I were more than a little nervous about college. Figuring out how to afford to be able to pay for college for one child is hard enough but when you have two, well that kicks up the sleepless nights, and apprehensiveness to a completely new level! We attended a workshop, and took advantage of the private consultation, and the next thing you know it's like we were living again. No more stress, no more worries, and the further we went into the College Funding Connection program the better it got. As it ended up our twins are attending the same very prestigious private college, and because of Dave' efforts we are paying only a fraction of what it would have cost us. I know for a fact we would have been paying at least twice as much as we are paying right now had we decided to attend a State college. So when you hear Dave say that you can attend a Private school for less than the cost of a State college it's all true. We were so happy with College Funding Connection that we have referred them to our friends and work associates with full confidence ---Kathy and Craig G
About the Author

Pastor Dave Smith is the leader of Kingsgate Community Church, Peterborough, UK. He has taught on lessons from the life of Joseph in many forums - from large celebration gatherings, to smaller conferences for church leaders, to Bible studies for Christian MPs and workers in Parliament.

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College Without Student Loans: Attend Your Ideal College & Make It Affordable Regardless of Your Income

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