A guide on how Predictive Analytics is applied and widely used by organizations such as banks, insurance providers, supermarkets and governments to drive the decisions they make about their customers, demonstrating who to target with a promotional offer, who to give a credit card to and the premium someone should pay for home insurance.

Introduction; Project Planning, Sample Selection, Gathering and Preparing Data, Understanding Relationships in Data, Data Transformation (Pre-processing)Model Construction (Parameter Estimation) Validation, Model Performance and Cut-off Strategy, Sample Bias and Reject Inference Implementation and Monitoring Multi-model (Fusion) Systems 

About the Author

STEVEN FINLAY is an expert in credit risk management, with more than ten years experience of working within the financial services industry. He is currently a research fellow at Lancaster University, UK. He has also published "Consumer Credit Fundamentals" with Palgrave Macmillan.

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Author:  Steven Finlay
ISBN:  0230347762   
Publisher:  Palgrave MacMillan
Publish Date:  August 07, 2012
Pages:  320 pages
Dimensions:  1.0" H x 8.6" L x 5.6" W (1.25 lbs) 

Credit Scoring, Response Modeling, and Insurance Rating: A Practical Guide to Forecasting Consumer Behavior (Second Edition, Revised)

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