As a boy working in his family's bakery, Ralph Slotnick learned two things: one, that in order to lead the life he wanted, he would need to be the boss of his own business; and two, that his dyslexia meant that academics would not save him. Instead, he would have to rely on his own hard work, tenacity, and business savvy to get where he wanted to go.

Unlike many successful businessmen born with silver spoons in their mouths, he forged a path entirely on his own. While Slotnick's father was a small-business owner, he had woefully little business sense-and it was only his son's interventions that brought the family bakery back from the brink of bankruptcy, allowing them to survive in business.

After a stint in the US Navy, Slotnick worked as a traveling factory representative. From there, he started his own company and watched it grow by leaps and bounds, eventually doing business in seventeen countries.

Slotnick's life story is ultimately about the triumph of the American Dream over adversity. Packed with inspiration-and plenty of good advice-it's a must-read for anyone who dreams of doing things their own way.


About the Author

Ralph Slotnick overcame a childhood of obstacles to become the CEO of RS Industries and co-founder of the Institute of International Commerce.

Slotnick went from being a low-income, dyslexic kid in Brooklyn, to owning a car stereo company and living in Bel-Air.

A thriving international importer and exporter, Slotnick's career is entirely self-made. His success in life created the absolute conviction that if he can do it, anyone can.

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Author:  Ralph Slotnick
ISBN:  1508653879   
Publisher:  Createspace
Publish Date:  May 12, 2015
Pages:  202 pages
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Doing It My Way: The Story of Ralph Slotnick and His Success as an International Entrepreneur

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