Specific Step-By-Step Wealth Building Strategy

This book is intended to reveal two uncommon investing strategies for investors interested in becoming successful by making substantial profits. Few investment strategies, if any, can offer this potential. These trading strategies are virtually unknown to most traders. It is a how-to book based on basic step-by-step procedures to teach how to trade options. The book is not a quick scheme to get rich- but a consistent method to generate income with low risk. The book clearly explains everything you need to know about options for you to generate a consistent profit in any market, whether stocks are up, down or going sideways in the market. The intent of this book is to reveal only the options that have low risk and are the most profitable.

Low-Risk Method To Make Substantial Profits

We believe the steps are sufficient for each investor to begin earning an income. Using effective judgment and sound discipline, we believe a person can safely make a steady and consistent stream of cash income, possibly in the double digits to assist you in becoming financially independent. If an investor follows the steps in the book, the investor can generate consistent income by selling put and call options and covered calls. The selling of put options, calls and covered calls will be the primary themes discussed in this book.

The book is short, concise and specific, with just the essential information to make it easier to learn. It is our belief that less is more in this case. The book is written as simply as possible to make it easier to grasp. It is simple to use - the average investor just has to learn and practice the concepts. Yet the book is considered comprehensive, presenting a complete strategy for self-implementation. The strategy in this book can be easily executed in your home or office.

About the Author

Boyce Duvall, a retired professional, worked as a director of Human Resources for an oil and gas company. He holds a bachelor's degree from Eastern Kentucky University and a master's degree from Ball State University.

Barbara Duvall is a retired college professor and management consultant. She has a bachelor's degree from Ball State University and an MBA from the University of North Texas.


Product Details

Author:  Boyce Duvall, Barbara Duvall
ISBN:  0983021546   
Publisher:  Blocker Publishing
Publish Date:  September 11, 2015
Pages:  198 pages
Dimensions:  0.42" H x 9.0" L x 6.0" W (0.6 lbs) 

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