If you Google "legally stop paying income tax" noted business leader of America, Israel-Light founder Veronica Grey is the ONLY person ever interviewed on TV on this subject. Vetted for by CNN, ABC, & Fox News. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A CELEBRITY to enjoy a LEGALLY tax free life. You've heard a whiff of a rumor that there's other ways to go through life as in 100% TAX FREE and LEGALLY. She has been on almost every network presenting this subject http: //www.youtube.com/TrueGreytThoughtLeader You CAN qualify in your state as LEGALLY TAX FREE & NEVER have to deal with the federal IRS again. YOU CAN BE "FOR PROFIT" and still claim legal tax exemption: http: //tinyurl.com/TaxFreeLife ! All you have to do to is start your own spiritual not-for-profit organization and it is SUPER EASY to do. EASIER THAN STARTING A NORMAL BUSINESS. We spell it out for you here in layman's terms. It costs you less than $300 to file the paperwork to become tax free. We have been living this lifestyle over 8 years, LEGALLY. All the Occupy movements reveal that this country needs more freedom. Protesters keep finding someone to blame. If they would read information like this, they would have something much more constructive to focus upon that will achieve REAL results, not just some lame token like "no more ATM fees." What these people really want is to be tax free. The government knows that ANYONE who truly tries CAN BECOME your very own 100% tax exempt not for profit corporation, which is why government isn't so moved by Occupy. If I were the IRS, maybe I too would be like, "Why are they all in Zuccotti Park camping when they could be at their nearest library or public counsel offices filling out paperwork to become legally tax exempt?" God helps those who help themselves. As does government. When you connect both, you live legally tax free by serving God via Government rules. The first amendment separating church and state actually grants us freedom by unifying the two, compliantly. For those naysayers who hem and haw about us "not paying taxes" please note WE PAID TAXES EACH TIME WE BUY SOMETHING OR EAT OUT. Those taxes go to the government because the companies we pay those taxes to pay the government. So when you consider that, realize we are NOT saying you never paid ANY taxes. We are simply showing the LEGAL way to use what would have been your INCOME to help people. If you have seen stuff online about how to become a "Free Man;" reclaim your sovereignty by using freedom documents and being a secured creditor, this way is MUCH EASIER AND FASTER. When you form a spiritual not for profit and transfer EVERYTHING you own to it, ie houses, cars, gold, stocks, etc. it ALL becomes LEGALLY non-taxable. Legal disclaimer: This book is 100% tax deductible, thereby making it a FREE gift from us to you! Simply reference our Federal EIN 61-1555550 to claim your exemption equal to the amount you "paid." When you make a "payment" it is actually a donation since we are a charity. Your donation is voluntary and without condition. Legally we can't "owe" you anything in exchange for making this donation. However, we GIFT this book to you as part of our mission to serve the masses. THANK YOU for your support and God bless America! Let us keep it land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE! Saving the best for last: Whoever coined the phrase that death and taxes are the only things we are sure of was demonic. Did you know that God's original plan is that humans never die, but live forever in an earthly paradise. Well that is a definition of heaven. Death is not inevitable. We have "proof" on http: //tinyurl.com/WealthAndWisdom . This book is proof that taxes are not inevitable as well! WE OFFER FREE PERSONAL PHONE / EMAIL GUIDANCE to all our clients-we are the best and the ONLY ones in this business! Namaste.

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Author:  Israel Light
ISBN:  1512360570   
Publisher:  Createspace
Publish Date:  May 21, 2015
Pages:  38 pages
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How to Legally Never Pay Income Taxes Ever Again

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