Catering continues to be an expanding industry. The author is one of our top-selling home-based business authors and is an experienced chef with extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. Spring of 2014 is a perfect time to do a seventh revision of this title to update any old information and expand on the role of social media.

Introduction -- 01. So You Think You Want to Be a Caterer? -- Do You Have What It Takes? -- Opportunities in Catering -- Does It Pay to Go to Cooking School? -- Starting as a Personal Chef -- Apprenticeships: Learning by Doing -- Learning from the Mistakes of Others -- Learning from Your Own Mistakes -- Getting Organized -- Leaving the Security of a Job -- How This Book Is Organized -- 02. Working Out of Your Home -- Setting Up an Office -- Training Family and Friends to Take You Seriously -- Employing Family Members -- Complying with City Ordinances -- Working with Your Local Health Department -- Sharing a Kitchen -- Renting a Kitchen on a Per-Day Basis -- Outfitting Your Kitchen -- Setting Up Your Pantry -- Transportation -- Establishing Relationships with Wholesale Purveyors -- Your Next Step -- 03. Your Business Plan -- How to Structure Your Business -- Writing a Business Plan -- Business Books, Software, and Online Resources -- 04. The Legal Aspects of Your Catering Business -- Why You Need a Good Attorney -- Insurance: Can't Live with the Premiums, Can't Live with the Risk -- Written Agreements and Contracts -- Working with Subcontractors or Suppliers -- Employees -- Becoming a Great Manager Booklist -- 05. Setting Prices, Estimating Quantities, and Writing Proposals -- How to Price Your First Menus -- Calculating Your Kitchen Labor -- How to Estimate the Right Food Quantities -- Quoting Other Party Costs -- The Art of Bidding and Writing a Proposal -- How to Stay Profitable When You're Working with a Fixed Price -- Closing the Deal -- 06. Sales and Marketing -- Sell, Sell, Sell -- Defining Your Niche -- Choosing a Name and Logo -- Designing Promotional Pieces -- Making Your Menus Part of Your Marketing Program -- Standing Out from the Crowd -- Keeping a Portfolio -- Putting Together a Promotional Kit -- Drumming Up Business -- Marketing with a Website -- Getting Referrals and Repeat Business -- Advertising -- Tracking Your Success -- 07. Using Photos and Recipes Effectively to Sell Your Home-Based Catering Business -- Photos -- Recipes -- 08. Crunching the Numbers -- Making Good Use of Your Accountant -- Accounting Systems -- Buying Computers and Software -- Invoicing -- The Artist versus the Businessperson: Why So Many Caterers Fail -- 09. Setting the Stage for a Successful Party -- Before the Party -- Organizing Your Time and the Party Setup -- The Menu and Start-Up -- Scheduling Staff and Assistants -- Arranging Transportation and Packing Out Your Party -- Catering a Buffet -- Getting Down to the Wire -- 10. Pulling It Off with Ease -- The Day of the Party -- Getting to the Party -- Arriving at the Party Site -- Winding Down: Why Your Party Has to End On Time -- Report Cards from Staff and Clients -- The Day After -- Two Days Later -- Three Days Later -- Two Weeks Later -- 11. Solving Problems -- 12. Catering Menus and Quantity Recipes -- Cooking Methods and Why It Is Important to Know Them -- Catering Menus -- Baby Shower Buffet Lunch Recipes -- Business Lunch Recipes -- Traditional Holiday Dinner Recipes -- Hors d'Oeuvres Cocktail Party Recipes -- Elegant Garden Wedding Recipes -- Deliciously Healthy Dinner Recipes -- Family-Style Vegetarian Dinner Recipes -- Crowd-Pleasing Tasting Menu Recipes -- Southern Picnic Recipes

About the Author

Denise Vivaldo has catered parties from backyard cookouts to grand events for as many as 5,000 people. She is an experienced chef with a degree from the California Culinary Academy. Her catering seminars are featured at UCLA Extension, the California Culinary Academy, and Westland Culinary Institute. She lives in Los Angeles.

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Author:  Denise Vivaldo
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Publish Date:   July 01, 2014
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How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business

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