Freelance editors with the right skills are in demand throughout the publishing industry, for other types of businesses, and for independent authors with publishing projects. This book guides the reader through the steps needed to set up a home-based business, from determining which services to offer to marketing and developing a fee structure. Chapters cover the different types of editorial services (including developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, and indexing) and offer valuable insight to the business end of working from a home office, addressing overhead concerns, money matters, the advantages and disadvantages of freelance editing, and more. The book also explores strategies for working successfully with clients. How to Start a Home-based Editorial Services Business is the one complete resource for this line of work

Introduction -- 01. Making the Decision -- Why Edit? -- Why Freelance? The Pros -- Why Not Freelance? The Cons -- Are You Right for Freelancing? -- Is Freelancing Right for You? -- 02. Envisioning the Business -- Defining Your Niche -- What Will You Do? -- For Whom Will You Do It? -- Establishing Your Goals -- 03. Setting Up Your Home Office -- Deciding on an Office in Your Home -- Choosing the Right Place -- Setting Up Your Home Office -- Stocking Up on Office Equipment -- Building a Library -- 04. Getting Started -- Choosing a Business Structure -- Naming Your Business -- Obtaining a Business License -- Complying with Zoning Regulations -- Understanding Insurance -- Setting Up a Bank Account -- Writing a Business Plan -- 05. Managing Finances -- How Much Can You / Should You Charge? -- Setting Rates -- Providing Estimates -- Creating Invoices -- Collecting Payment -- 06. Keeping Records and Paying Taxes -- Preparing Tax Forms -- Keeping Records -- Tracking Income -- Tracking Expenses -- Paying Self-Employment Taxes -- Paying Estimated Taxes -- Paying Use Taxes -- How Likely Is an Audit? -- 07. Connecting with Clients -- Establishing Your Professionalism -- Finding Potential Clients -- Standing above the Competition -- Making Your Clients Want to Hire You Again -- 08. Using the Internet -- Choosing an Internet Service Provider -- Using E-mail to Communicate -- Using a Website to Market -- Using Social Media to Network -- Participating in Global Discussion Groups -- 09. Working with Clients -- Increasing Your Chances for Repeat Work -- Understanding the Job Requirements -- Asking Just the Right Questions-but Not Too Many -- Communicating Tactfully with the Author -- Making Choices to Meet the Schedule and the Budget -- Being Flexible (to a Point) -- Following Up -- Resolving Problems -- Working with Independent Authors -- 10. Sizing Up Legal and Ethical Issues -- Defining Yourself as a Freelancer -- Considering Contracts -- Working without a Contract -- Calming the Concerned Client -- Pondering Ethical Issues -- How Much Do You Bill? Honesty in Billing -- 11. Balancing Business and Family -- Combining Parenthood with Work at Home: The Pros -- Combining Parenthood with Work at Home: The Cons -- Setting Boundaries -- Exploring Day-Care Options -- Getting Other Help -- 12. Developing and Expanding Your Business -- Building Your Business -- Improving What You Have to Offer -- Branching into New Territory -- Loving What You Do

About the Author

Barbara Fuller is currently the director of Editcetera, an association of freelance publishing professionals based in Berkeley, California. In that role, she has worked with hundreds of experienced freelance editors and their clients and also with novice editors through Editcetera's educational program. Through the years, she has worked as a home-based editor herself for a variety of clients. She has taught editing, writing, and editorial business classes and workshops for Editcetera, UC Berkeley Extension, UC Davis, and various government and private organizations.

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Author:  Barbara Fuller
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Publisher:  Globe Pequot Press
Publish Date:  May 07, 2013
Pages:  240 pages
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How to Start a Home-Based Editorial Services Business

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