The financial crisis of 2007-2009 underscored the centrality of consumer credit for modern economies. While some Europeans were quick to blame unsustainable American patterns of borrowing and consumption, consumer indebtedness became a growing problem in other countries, too. At the same time, important differences in cultures of credit were evident in the seemingly homogenous global world of finance and consumption.

This book explores the history of consumer credit in Europe, the United States, and Japan. It focuses on the period after World War II but also reaches further back, and it integrates anthropological and economic perspectives.

Table of Contents

Towards a Global History of Credit in Modern Consumer Societies Jan Logemann * PART I: Lenders and Lending Practices * Selling Televisions on Credit: The Rise of Consumer Credit in Postwar France Isabelle Gaillard * Moral or Modern Marketing? Sparkassen and Consumer Credit in West Germany Rebecca Belvederesi-Kochs * Credit in a Nation of Savers: The Growth of Consumer Borrowing in Japan Andrew Gordon * PART II: Borrowers and Credit Access * The Business of Working-Class Credit: Subprime Markets in the United Kingdom since 1880 Sean O'Connell * American Women's Struggle to End Credit Discrimination in the Twentieth Century Lawrence Bowdish * Virtually Creditworthy: Privacy, the Right to Information, and Consumer Credit Reporting in West Germany, 1950 1985 Larry Frohman * PART III: State Regulation and Credit Policies * Banking on Consumer Credit: Explaining Patterns of Household Borrowing in the United States and France Gunnar Trumbull * French Consumer Credit Policy in the 1950s and 1960s: From Opposition to Control Sabine Effosse * From Cradle to Bankruptcy? Credit Access and the American Welfare State Jan Logemann * PART IV: Cultures of Credit * Economic Agents and the Culture of Debt Silke Meyer * Japan and the Western Model: An Economist's View of Cultures of Household Finance Charles Yuji Horioka * 'Ahead a Good Deal': Taking the Long View of Household Debt and Credit in American Life Lendol Calder

About the Author

Jan Logemann is a research fellow at the German Historical Institute in Washington, D.C. and director of the project "Transatlantic Perspectives: Europe in the Eyes of European Immigrants to the United States, 1930 1980." His work focuses on modern consumer societies and includes the forthcoming book, Trams or Tailfins: Public and Private Prosperity in Postwar West Germany and the United States. 

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Author:  Jan Logemann
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Publish Date:  July 17, 2012
Pages:  308 pages
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The Development of Consumer Credit in Global Perspective: Business, Regulation, and Culture

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