Shortly after arriving in the White House in early 1933, Franklin Roosevelt took the United States off the gold standard. His opponents thought his decision unwise at best, and ruinous at worst. But they could not have been more wrong.

With "The Money Makers," Eric Rauchway tells the absorbing story of how FDR and his advisors pulled the levers of monetary policy to save the domestic economy and propel the United States to unprecedented prosperity and superpower status. Drawing on the ideas of the brilliant British economist John Maynard Keynes, among others, Roosevelt created the conditions for recovery from the Great Depression, deploying economic policy to fight the biggest threat then facing the nation: deflation.
Throughout the 1930s, he also had one eye on the increasingly dire situation in Europe. In order to defeat Hitler, Roosevelt turned again to monetary policy, sending dollars abroad to prop up the faltering economies of Britain and, beginning in 1941, the Soviet Union. FDR s fight against economic depression and his fight against fascism were indistinguishable. As Rauchway writes, Roosevelt wanted to ensure more than business recovery; he wanted to restore American economic and moral strength so the US could defend civilization itself. The economic and military alliance he created proved unbeatable and also provided the foundation for decades of postwar prosperity. Indeed, Rauchway argues that Roosevelt s greatest legacy was his monetary policy. Even today, the Roosevelt dollar remains both the symbol and the catalyst of America s vast economic power.

"The Money Makers" restores the Roosevelt dollar to its central place in our understanding of FDR, the New Deal, and the economic history of twentieth-century America. We forget this history at our own peril. In revealing the roots of our postwar prosperity, Rauchway shows how we can recapture the abundance of that period in our own.

Editorial Reviews
  • "New York Times Book Review" Rauchway tells this important story with passion, intelligence and style...
  • "The Money Makers" is economic and diplomatic history of the first order. It tells a crucially important story about a central development in the world of economy, the emergence of the modern monetary system. And it tells this story with sensitivity to the economic, diplomatic and political environment. Anyone with even a passing interest in international economic affairs will benefit from reading this intelligent, timely and thoroughly accessible book. And perhaps today s policy makers especially contemporary advocates of orthodox austerity sitting in Berlincan learn something from the story Eric Rauchway tells so well. --Wall Street Journal
  • A close-to-the-ground account of the political and intellectual forces that drove the decision. Mr. Rauchway's prose is lucid and unpretentious, and his explanations of technical monetary issues are smoothly integrated with the flow of the story. --"Economist"
  • An excellent primer on Franklin Roosevelt's economics. Impressive. Mr Rauchway combines three things that you seldom see in economic-history books: sufficient attention to complexity; a solid grasp of the economics; and writing that is enjoyable to read. Barely a page goes by without some lovely detail As an introduction to the economic debates taking place in London and Washington in the 1930s and 1940s, Mr Rauchway s work could not be bettered. --Library Journal
  • Rauchway succinctly places [Bretton Woods] within its political and economic contextA useful, readable companion to Ed Conway s The Summit --Publishers Weekly
  • Rauchway's thoughtful, well-researched narrative history is a valuable contribution to economic history, with ample lessons for the current era. --Kirkus
  • Kirkus Reviews 08/01/2015 (EAN 9780465049691, Hardcover)
  • Publishers Weekly 09/14/2015 (EAN 9780465049691, Hardcover)
  • Library Journal 09/15/2015 pg. 89 (EAN 9780465049691, Hardcover)
  • New York Times Book Review 11/22/2015 pg. 31 (EAN 9780465049691, Hardcover)
About the Author

A professor of history at the University of California, Davis, Eric Rauchway is the author of "Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt's America" (H&W, 2003) and "Blessed Among Nations "(H&W, 2006). He lives in northern California.

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Author:  Eric Rauchway
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Publish Date:  October 27, 2015
Pages:  336 pages
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The Money Makers: How Roosevelt and Keynes Ended the Depression, Defeated Fascism, and Secured a Prosperous Peace

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