Thanks to this gripping new book we know more about how they do it. And it's even more shocking than you think. "The Independent"

When most people think of the drama of global finance, they think of stocks and bonds, venture capital, high-tech IPOs, and complex mortgage-backed securities. But commodities? Crude oil and soybeans? Copper and wheat? What could be more boring?

That s exactly what the elite commodity traders want you to think. They don t seek the media spotlight. They don t want to be as famous as Warren Buffett or Bill Gross. Their astonishing wealth was created in near-total obscurity, either in closely held private companies or deep within large banks and corporations, where commodity profits and losses weren't broken out.

Now Kate Kelly, the bestselling author of "Street Fighters," takes us inside this secretive inner circle that controls so many things we all depend on. She gets closer than any previous reporter to understanding these whip-smart, aggressive, and often egomaniacal men who bet millions every day on a blend of facts, analysis, and pure gut instinct."

Editorial Reviews
  • "It overstates nothing to call Kelly's book brilliantly reported, and her narrative is grippingly propulsive and peopled with fascinatingly drawn characters."- Los Angeles Times
  • "The twists and turns of those frantic few days make for lively reading."-The New York Times 
  • "Kelly takes us inside Bear's last, dizzying days. . . .The real draw is the book's surgical detail."-Time
  • "There's so much to like in this book--lively anecdotes, crisp pacing, and brevity . . . a highly accessible narrative for the general reader."-Bloomberg News
About the Author

KATE KELLY, author of the New York Times  Bestseller- Street Fighters, covers Wall Street for CNBC. She spent ten years at the Wall Street Journal, where she won a Livingston Award and two Gerald Loeb awards. She lives in Brooklyn with her family.

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Author:  Kate Kelly
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Publisher:  Portfolio
Publish Date:  June 16, 2015
Pages:  288 pages
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The Secret Club That Runs the World: Inside the Fraternity of Commodities Traders

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