Greater than 50% of US households invest in the stock market, 70% are real estate "owners," and virtually all participate in the broader financial markets. As media devotes increasing coverage to the business of getting rich, an ever increasing number of people want to make fast, easy money. Yet few understand the many forces driving the "investment markets," and the majority of these investors are destined for failure. Fortunately for them, there is finally a resource available which thoroughly explains how markets function in the real world.

How many have wondered what was going on in Alan Greenspan's head as he attempted to guide the markets? And what might he tell the public if he was truly free to speak his mind? "What Greenspan Can't Tell You" tears down the barriers guarding the best kept secrets in the investment world-the great myths that are perpetuated by industry insiders, the techniques those insiders utilize to their advantage, the rationale behind Federal Reserve numbers, how those numbers influence and are influenced by the investment markets, and how the various investment markets interact with one another.

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Author:  Fred Press
ISBN:  059548283X   
Publisher:  Universe
Publish Date:  January 29, 2008
Pages:  180 pages
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What Greenspan Can't Tell You: The Inner Workings of the Investment Markets

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