Who misleads you about money? A book to help you get more from your money and your life This book will help you to take control of your money - and make better decisions about it. There's a lot of jargon-riddled, boring nonsense written (and spoken) about money. And it's thrown at us by people trying to sell us their latest whiz bang product. This book cuts through that noise to give you the facts you need to build a solid foundation for your future. In plain English and with plenty of humour, this book exposes the external enemies to your money and blows up the biggest myths that surround it. You'll learn how your finances can be destroyed - with the help of outside 'experts', and how the advice of well-meaning friends can be dangerous too! Most of us face the same long-term challenge with money and life. We want a decent income in our later years but we also need to support our loved ones before we get there. And we'd like to have something left over for ourselves - to have a bit of fun today. This book reveals how you could achieve this balance with a lot less pain than some 'experts' may tell you. For example, you'll discover just how misleading those depressing headlines on the horrendous cost of a pension really are - and you'll learn how to cut their projected costs in half! If you want to get a better handle on money matters - and start connecting your money to what matters in your life - this book is for you

Product Details
Author:  Paul Claireaux
ISBN:  0992774845   
Publisher:  Irate Investment Ltd
Publish Date:  October 15, 2015
Pages:  280 pages
Dimensions:  0.76" H x 8.5" L x 5.5" W (0.97 lbs) 

Who Misleads You about Money? and What You Can Do about It

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