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Building Wealth


Choosing a Business Structure- A Quick Reference Guide

November 27, 2017

When starting a business, it’s likely that you will consider and possibly choose to set... Continue Reading →

Financial Technology and How It's Changing the Way We Bank

October 12, 2017

Not surprisingly, many people do all or most of their banking online. But many others... Continue Reading →

The “Downfall” of the Mall: What it Really Means to Consumers and Communities

September 13, 2017

Numerous sources (many of them reliable) say that the U.S. consumer should expect a decline... Continue Reading →

How to Earn More Money: Why Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Matter

August 03, 2017

John was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1924, the middle child in a house... Continue Reading →

Personal Loans: Options, What to Look For, and What to Avoid

July 06, 2017

While not the first option to turn to, personal loans have become readily available and... Continue Reading →

3 Small Business Ideas You May Not Have Thought About

June 14, 2017

When you think about someone starting a business, certain kinds of products and services probably... Continue Reading →

By the Numbers: Why Buying a Small Multi-Family Property May Be the Right Move for You

April 04, 2017

While many people see themselves as aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs, many others start business... Continue Reading →

Affordable Housing: A Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry Where Investment Property Serves A Community Purpose

March 28, 2017

The shortage of affordable apartments and homes is a challenge for people of all income... Continue Reading →

The One Thing You Must Do to Build Wealth

July 27, 2016

When you research the most common thing that millionaires do to build wealth there are... Continue Reading →

Is House Flipping Really that Simple?

March 29, 2016

In recent years house flipping has become incredibly popular, with countless reality TV shows all... Continue Reading →

Global Economics and the American Middle Class

March 15, 2016

In his book, "The Post-American World," Fareed Zakaria assures his readers that today's problems are... Continue Reading →

Is poor financial literacy the cause of our failing middle class?

March 10, 2016

Most Americans are struggling financially. Over 75 percent live paycheck to paycheck without an adequate... Continue Reading →

Why are Employees Saying No to Free Money?

February 29, 2016

Did the above title get your attention? If not, then you should take note anyway... Continue Reading →

Is Credit Repair a Real Thing?

February 09, 2016

If you've fallen on financial hard times, you may find your mailbox flooded with advertisements... Continue Reading →